Erica’s favorite thing to do as a little girl was to organize the kitchen drawers. And when she got stronger, she would rearrange the furniture. I see not much has changed.

Erica Sakharet is the founder of GYST NYC.

I believe that optimizing your space can be transformative and a catalyst for bigger personal growth.

I have worked with many clients and witnessed the benefits: uplifted energy, release from the old and stuck, greater sense of calm and control, clarity of priorities and goals, renewed passion, better habits, and optimism for new possibilities.

I am a natural organizer, a Virgo (of course). Wife of a “collector”, mother of three, pet parent, and living in a NYC apartment – I tackle some of the biggest time and space challenges on a daily basis.

My professional background in client services and strategy has given me a unique balance of planning, intuition, and action.