Working together, I will streamline and arrange your space, establish systems to keep order, and coach you along the way to stay organized. If preferred, I can set up space and systems independently based on your goals.


$375 First Session (3 hours)

$360 Additional Sessions (3 hours)

Discounts given for 4+ Sessions


After assessing your space or project, I will design a custom plan to get your project moving, clear action steps to take, and systems and motivation to create and maintain your new space. Includes 60-90 minutes in person for assessment and coaching.


$375 Per Room or Project

Can be combined with in-person sessions and virtual coaching


Created to keep you motivated and moving on your organizing project. Coaching will be customized to meet you where you are with your project. 

I can start your project from the beginning, if you are stuck in the middle, or as a follow up to an In Person or Jumpstart service.

Erica is the most organized person I know! She has the rare gift of being able to think big picture while seamlessly navigating the details with complete grace.
Erica was right there with me to dig in. She helped keep me focused and energized. I felt supported without any judgments.
— PAM —
Erica brings order to even the most complex challenges. Whether you are stuck or just need ideas for what comes next, she invariably has ideas that can take a project to the next level. She makes challenging projects a pleasure.